protect the most precious
with olarm

The Olarm smart device brings your existing alarm system online in a matter of minutes.

Cost effective

Keep your current alarm while still getting the best in connected technology

Quick Installation

Olarm plugs directly into your current system and automatically configures itself within minutes

Full Control

Arm and disarm your alarm from where ever your are


Lightning Fast

Push notifications sent instantly to your pocket, keeping you aware all the time

reduce false alarms

Bypass those problematic zones that drive you and the neighbours mad

always connected

Olarm has its own connection to the internet keeping you always connected to your home

Your Entire Alarm

In the palm of your hand

Contact your armed response company to get your Olarm today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Olarm is an extra keypad to your alarm, except the new keypad is now an app on your phone.

Olarm works with most of the Paradox alarm systems.

Yes, we report all the active zones. In fact, every single zone event is sent to your app instantly and continuously whether your system is armed or disarmed.

You will receive a push notification instantly for any change in alarm mode. For example if your system is disarmed from your spouse's phone, or even the keypad, a push notification is sent to you. This applies for stay mode, arming, disarming, and an actual alarm.

Multiple areas are supported. Olarm conforms to the manner in which your alarm was programmed. If your alarm programming changes or you introduce a new sensor, Olarm automatically adapts to the new configuration.

Yes we support bypassing a zone temporarily. This is often useful for a faulty zone or a plant blowing in the wind causing false alarms.To bypass a zone your system must be disarmed.

No. Olarm has it’s own Cellular modem and your home does not require you to have an internet connection.

Download the app

Olarm is available on all Apple and Android devices, including tablets.


Olarm For Enterprise

Olarm gives you complete oversight over all of your alarm sites from one central dashboard. Even with different alarm types installed, Olarm connects to most alarm brands to give you a overall view and central control.

The Olarm dashboard is a complete alarm management tool, allowing you to assign and revoke access to your employees quickly and conveniently.

Detailed real time analysis, alerts and activity reports ensures you know exactly what is happening with all your remote site alarms. For more information on the Olarm for Enterprise product please contact us at

Olarm for Armed Response

Replace your radio network with a robust GSM device designed for most alarm types. Our API service is built for easy control room integration. Do all of this while offering your entire customer base the Olarm app to control their alarm.

If you are an armed response company and would like to offer Olarm as an additional feature to your service, please send an email to